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A 6-page document that addresses some of the most popular questions about ministering to Catholics in Young Life. What about confession, Mary, the saints, Eucharist, and the pope? This introductory text offers a practical starting point for Young Life leaders who minister to Catholics on a regular basis. Written by Dan Ponsetto, former YL staffer who now ministers at Boston College. 

This 5-page document introduces the classic DOs and DON'Ts of ministering to and with Catholics. An excellent resource for training leaders from Protestant backgrounds. Written by Dr. Havercamp who is the Director of YL Catholic Relations.

This is Pope Francis' letter to young people and to all people of faith. Issued in April of 2019, it's a beautiful, pastoral letter of encouragement to youth and to all who serve them.

A 5-page document that describes how Young Life leaders explain the gospel message and the language they use when serving Catholic adolescents.

A Gift Exchange - introducing Catholics to yL This 12-page document offers Catholics a thorough introduction to Young Life in the Catholic language. How does Young Life fit within the Catholic tradition? What is going on in the world of kids today and how is God calling Young Life and the Catholic Church to work together? An essential text for any Catholic exploring Young Life.
This 8-page document explores Jesus' call for unity in the body of Christ and Young Life's role in re-evangelizing the "sleeping giant" represented by disconnected Catholics today. Written by Michael Havercamp, Director of YL Catholic Relations.

A 15-page document summarizing the ground-breaking 1995 agreement between the Catholic Church and the Lutheran World Federation on the important issue of justification. Learn why this lightning rod of the Protestant Reformation is no longer a dividing issue.
A 15-page document that outlines the unity shared by Evangelicals and Catholics and the important part these two bodies play in the worldwide mission to "make disciples of all nations."

This 5-page document explores the overarching unity that Evangelicals and Catholics share concerning God's gift of salvation in Jesus Christ.

joy of the Gospel - Pope Francis

This 87-page document represents the Magna Carta of evangelization from a Catholic perspective. Pope Francis synthesizes for all Christians the biblical and historical framework for the central and unifying mission of evangelization in the world today. A seminal resource for YL Catholic Relations.



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