What is a Memorandum of Understanding?

A growing number of Catholic bishops want to work with Young Life in the mission of reaching disconnected teens with the Gospel. When Catholic dioceses and Young Life areas decide to formalize their collaboration, they often sign a memorandum of understanding. Such a document serves as legal protection in this age of litigation, but it also articulates the procedures needed to guide the relationship.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) encourages Young Life leaders and Catholic youth workers to get to know one another, develop friendships, learn from each other, and be a light together to reach every kid with the Good News.

An MOU does not represent a new way of doing youth ministry in local Catholic parishes. It simply says that the Young Life area will respect Catholic teachings, and the diocese will help Young Life leaders understand these teachings. The diocese promises to inform its parishes about Young Life and to encourage support for Young Life. And the Young Life area promises to seek and train Catholics to serve as Young Life leaders. Catholic Young Life leaders can best speak to disconnected Catholic teens.

Young Life is not a church, and it recognizes that students who have accepted the Gospel through Young Life need to be directed to a church if they are to grow in their faith. Through the collaboration between Young Life and the Catholic Church, Protestant Young Life leaders are discovering the riches of the Catholic tradition, and Catholic youth workers are discovering what makes Young Life so effective in evangelizing teens.


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